Why We Recommend Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Cooper City, FL

Pets with serious dental problems don’t understand why they’re uncomfortable, and they can’t tell us when they’re hurting. Dr. Levin and his team here in Cooper City, FL can give your pet a voice and prevent them from suffering needlessly due to poor dental hygiene. We provide a lifetime of skilled, compassionate cat and dog teeth cleaning services to not only maintain their oral health, but significantly increase their quality of life, too.

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When do Dogs and Cats Need Teeth Cleanings and Other Dental Services?

When do Dogs and Cats Need Teeth Cleanings and Other Dental Services?

Good oral hygiene should not have to be a rare luxury for your pet. The Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital team is committed to helping people manage their pets’ dental needs with ease to prevent plaque buildup and costly treatments later. If you’re familiar with the many dental issues that plague human mouths, then you have a good idea of the problems our pets can face.

Common dental and oral concerns in dogs and cats include:

Periodontal disease is a painful, inflammatory disease that destroys the tissues surrounding the teeth, even the jawbone, causing teeth to loosen and fall out. Bacteria feeding on dental tartar are responsible for this inflammation.

Teeth can easily become cracked or broken. When this happens, it not only exposes the nerve tissue, causing severe pain, but it also opens the door to bacterial infection that can affect the tooth, jawbone, and even major organs throughout the body.

Oral cancer is quick to grow and spread, and unfortunately, it can also be hard for pet parents to notice until the cancer is already well advanced.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning and Other Preventive Care

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning and Other Preventive Care

The best way to tackle dental issues in dogs and cats is to catch them as early as possible. Our animal hospital in Cooper City offers dental wellness exams on an annual basis (or as often as needed for your pet).

Your veterinarian can diagnose periodontal disease, oral cancer, tooth infections, damage, and other issues. Treatment options may include:

  • Deep, thorough teeth cleaning procedures that help to remove tartar deposits from your pet’s teeth to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Veterinarian-prescribed antibiotics
  • Oral surgery (for oral tumors)
  • Tooth extractions (a last resort for severely damaged teeth)

You can play a vital role in maintaining your pet’s dental wellness all year round. Your veterinarian can talk to you about how to brush your pet’s teeth using animal-safe toothpaste, feed them tartar-control foods, and inspect their mouth for troubling signs such as lesions, bleeding, red gums, bad breath, or even cracks in the teeth. Our combined efforts can keep your pet’s mouth in fantastic shape.

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