How Can I Treat My Dog’s Bad Breath in Cooper City, FL?

How Can I Treat My Dog’s Bad Breath in Cooper City, FL?

Does your dog have bad breath? It’s no fun playing with or loving on your dog only to be met with a barrage of stinky dog kisses or a face full of unpleasant odor coming from his mouth. If your dog has bad breath, the problem may be more than simply a case of halitosis. There are many underlying problems that can contribute to bad breath in dogs in Cooper City, and it’s important to figure out what’s causing this problem before you find a way to treat it.

Dog with bad breath in Cooper City, FL

In this article, you’ll find a brief explanation of the causes and solutions of bad breath in dogs, as well as some information to help you learn how to prevent this issue in the future. Read through this information and brush up on everything you need to know about your furry family member’s breath problem.

Potential Causes of Bad Dog Breath in Cooper City, FL

The first and most important step toward solving the problem of bad breath in your dog is finding the root cause.

Here are some of the most common causes of bad dog breath:

Dental Health Problems

Dental health issues are the most common causes of bad breath in dogs. If your dog has gum disease or rotten teeth, he is going to have bad breath because of these problems. Dogs with cavities may also develop pockets of pus in their mouths that can contribute to the smell and also cause a lot of pain.

A dog with untreated dental disease may have trouble eating and could show behavior issues such as growling or snapping at family members because of his pain.

Liver or Kidney Disease

If your dog has kidney disease, his breath may smell like urine. A strong ammonia smell coming from your dog’s mouth is a good indication he has something wrong with his kidneys. Get him to the veterinarian in Cooper City immediately for tests, and be aware that the results may not always be good. Your vet will talk with you more about the options you have from here.

Dogs with liver disease will have very severely bad breath. If your dog has liver disease, he may also have yellow gums, loss of appetite, and severe vomiting. He may have uncontrollable diarrhea as well in some instances. This is a very serious problem and you will need to speak with your vet about the options for your dog moving forward.


Dogs with breath that smells sickeningly sweet may have diabetes. If you notice this type of smell coming from your dog’s mouth, have him tested at the vet for diabetes sooner rather than later. He may also have symptoms such as frequent urination or excessive drinking if he is diabetic.

The good news is that diabetic dogs can be treated easily, and your vet will talk with you about the options if this is a problem for your dog.

Eating Something He Shouldn’t

This problem is the easiest to deal with and the least concerning as well. Although it can still be a problem if your dog is eating something toxic or otherwise bad for him, he may just have bad breath from eating benign things he shouldn’t.

One common example is cat poop; dogs enjoy eating poop out of cat litter boxes often, and their breath will reflect that if they do so. They may even eat their own poop if given a chance to do so.

Solutions for Bad Breath in Dogs in Cooper City, FL

Once you and your vet figure out what might be going on to cause your dog’s breath, you’ll need to figure out the best solution.

Here are some of the treatments and solutions vets usually suggest for bad breath in dogs, depending on the cause:

Speak to a Veterinarian

If your dog’s bad breath is caused by liver disease, kidney disease, or diabetes, you’ll need to speak with your vet in Cooper City for more information about solutions and treatments. These problems need to be treated first in order for your dog’s breath to improve. In severe cases, treatment options may be limited.

Keep Your Dog from Eating Things He Shouldn’t

If your dog’s bad breath comes from eating things he shouldn’t, purchase a locking trash can and make sure to watch your dog when he’s outside to prevent him from eating dead animals he might find.

If you have cats, keep the cat box behind a baby gate the dog can’t scale.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning

If the cause of your pet’s bad breath is from dental disease, schedule a dog teeth cleaning appointment with your veterinarian in Cooper City. Make sure to follow up by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly.

How to Prevent Bad Breath in Dogs in Cooper City, FL

Finally, prevention is the most crucial way to make sure your dog’s bad breath goes away and stays gone. Your vet will educate you more on the prevention of issues leading to bad breath in dogs.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

One of the most important ways to cut down on bad breath in your dog is to brush his teeth regularly. Your dog may not like this much, but most dogs will get used to it over time, especially if the owner remains confident and calm.

Safe Chew Toys and Dental Treats

Be sure to give him lots of safe chew toys and dental treats to prevent bad breath, too. Feed your dog high-quality dry food to help keep his teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Make an Appointment with a Veterinarian for Your Dog’s Bad Breath in Cooper City, FL

There are a lot of reasons why your dog’s breath might be bad. If it only happens once every now and then, he’s probably just got bad breath from something he’s eating. But if it’s frequent or constant, then you need to schedule a vet visit to try to get to the bottom of the problem. There may be significant health risks involved if you don’t, in a worst-case scenario.

The sooner you figure out what’s causing your dog’s bad breath, the sooner you can treat it and get him back to full health again. Don’t forget to ask your vet about bad breath management moving forward as well, and to find out more about what you can do to prevent these issues for your dog later on. If you have any questions about your dog’s bad breath, or you’d like to schedule an appointment, call our team today at (954) 432-5811.

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