Cat and Dog Surgery in Cooper City

Surgery plays an important part in your pet’s health. At Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital in Cooper City, we offer a variety of routine and elective cat and dog surgery services to give pets a better life. Whether your pet needs a spay or neuter surgery or have a mass removed, Dr. Levin and his veterinary team are committed to providing surgical services with an exceptionally high regard for safety and comfort. If you have concerns about any part of your pet’s surgical procedure or recovery, we’ll be happy to sit down with you and answer all of your questions. Rest assured, your four-legged family member is in caring hands.

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How We Ensure Your Pet’s Safety During Surgery

How We Ensure Your Pet’s Safety During Surgery

We prepare for and perform every cat and dog surgery with the greatest concern for safety and pain management.

Every dog and cat must undergo an exam (and blood work, if necessary) prior to their surgery so we can evaluate their condition and make sure they’re healthy. General anesthesia has its share of risks for pets as well as humans, so we leave no stone unturned.

Pets are weighed before going into surgery so we can correctly measure out the amounts of anesthesia, pain relief, and other medications your pet will need during and after surgery. We may also administer IV fluids to your pet to support their blood pressure and keep them hydrated.

An experienced veterinary technician will assist Dr. Levin by monitoring all of your pet’s vitals throughout the surgery. We monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood pressure, EKG, and much more to make sure your pet is stable and safe.

After your pet’s surgery is complete, their dedicated technician will continue to monitor them as they gradually awaken from the anesthesia.

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Tips to Help Your Pet  through Their Recovery

Tips to Help Your Pet through Their Recovery

We provide pet parents with instructions for taking care of their pets while they recuperate at home, but it can still be challenging to keep them under control. Dogs and cats, especially when they’re young, often bounce back quickly from surgery and are eager to be on the move.

Here are some tips to minimize any risks during the healing process:

  • In addition to (or instead of) an e-collar to prevent licking and chewing at the incision, you can also try outfitting your pet in an old t-shirt or onesie that fits just snug enough to prevent them from getting at the incision site.
  • Check your pet’s incision daily for discoloration, swelling, seepage, hardening of the skin, and ripped sutures. If you notice any of these signs, contact us immediately.
  • Try to keep your pet contained in a quiet, low-traffic part of the house to discourage them from romping, playing, and jumping.
  • Keep your pet away from water/baths until their sutures have been removed.
  • If your pet refuses food and water for 24 hours, call us right away.
  • If your pet appears to be in pain and needs more medication, let us know! We want them to be as comfortable as possible.