Dog Parks Near Cooper City, FL

Dog Parks Near Cooper City, FL

Green grass, trees, play areas, water, lakes, ocean and new friends. It is no wonder your dog wants to visit a local dog park near Cooper City, FL. Tired of the same routine and the same scenery in your own yard? Florida offers some of the finest dog facilities across the nation and boy, do you have a selection.

Dog parks near Cooper City, FL

Common Requirements for Dog Parks Near Cooper City, FL

Many dog parks in Cooper City require that all dogs must be fully vaccinated including a rabies certificate for each pet. Some dog parks, not all of them, will not allow certain potentially aggressive breeds such as pit-bulls and shepherds.

Before you head off to the park and unload your friend make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the specific park you want to attend. Some parks are for members only so check into this as well.

Dog Parks in Cooper City, FL

There are three dog parks located directly in Cooper City and many other dog parks located within a 20 mile radius. But before you hop in the car and head for the park, make sure you are prepared. Do not take young puppies that have not had all of their shots as they might catch something from another dog or give a virus they may be carrying. Also have a collar and leash handy as you will need them.

If you are looking to go to a dog park directly in Cooper City, here are your choices:

Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Cooper City, FL

There are many off-leash dog parks within 20 miles of Cooper City, FL, including:

Once again, many of these dog parks have rules and regulations that are strictly followed so before you pack up your dog and head to the park, double check their hours, memberships, fees, location and breed type. Also note, you might have to show shot records so be prepared.

Benefits of Dog Parks Near Cooper City, FL

Dog parks are a fun way to alleviate boredom, bonding techniques, training, socialization and just good ol’ fashioned fun. Most dogs love going to the park. Especially in Florida where you can choose from lakes, rivers and ocean for the water dogs out there. Many of these parks are several acres allowing plenty of room to run and play.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Going to a Dog Park

Many owners take their dog’s favorite toy to the park. Just know that not all dogs share and if it is crowded at the park and you throw your favorite ball or frisbee, your dog might not be the one to retrieve it. Be prepared to lose the toy and donate it to the park.

One final note, always carry a clean-up bag with you in case the park does not have any. Leaving dog waste is not only not courteous to others in the park, it’s usually against rules and regulations to leave it there. Pick up after your pet.

For more information or recommendations for dog parks, contact your veterinarian in Cooper City, FL. At Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital, we’ll always make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations and can answer any questions you may have about bringing your dog to the park.

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