Why Does My Dog Keep Licking Their Paw in Cooper City, FL?

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking Their Paw in Cooper City, FL?

All dogs in Cooper City lick their paws now and then, but do you notice your dog keeps licking her paw more often than she should? If you see this type of behavior in your dog, there’s an underlying cause, and you need to figure out what it is. But determining the source of the problem can take some time and a little sleuthing on your part.

Dog keeps licking paw in Cooper City, FL

Reasons Why Dogs Keep Licking Their Paw in Cooper City, FL

In this article, you’ll find a list of several reasons why a dog keeps licking their paw. Check out this list to see if you can figure out what’s going on, and remember to always speak with your vet with any questions or concerns.

Food Allergy

Some dogs in Cooper City may have food allergies that cause their paws to become itchy. This itchiness then leads to them constantly licking or chewing on their paw. If your dog has a food allergy, she is likely to have other symptoms as well, such as digestive trouble or poor coat health. Your vet will run tests and ask about her history to find out more.

If your dog is diagnosed with a food allergy, the remedy is simple: just don’t give her the food she’s allergic to anymore. However, it might take some time to figure out what that food is, so prepare for a little trial and error along the way.

Skin Allergy

Skin allergies are usually caused by other types of allergies, such as seasonal allergies. For example, if your dog is allergic to pollen and walks through an area in Cooper City with a lot of pollen on the ground, then she’s going to have irritated paws due to the presence of pollen. She will then be more likely to keep licking and chew on her paws to deal with the itchiness caused by this issue.

Dogs with skin allergies may only need to avoid the problem causing their allergies. They may also need to take medication to treat the allergies in more severe situations.

Injury or Insect Bite

If your dog is injured on her paw, she’s going to lick it to try to soothe the problem. Most injuries are visible when you look at your dog’s paw, but some may be internal ones. If your dog keeps licking her paw and won’t let you look at it or yelps when you try to touch it, then there may be an internal injury.

And of course, if you look at her paw and notice a problem, then you need to have it examined by a vet as soon as possible.

Your dog may also have an insect bite or sting causing the problem. This may cause her paw pad to swell and may even cause swelling in the rest of her body, including her face and snout, if she’s very allergic to the insect.

If you notice swelling in your dog’s face, contact your vet in Cooper City, as she is probably having an anaphylactic reaction and may need more intense medical treatment to get over it.


Fleas are a common cause of paw licking behavior in dogs. If your dog has fleas, she’s probably licking and biting all over her body, including her feet. You should be able to see the fleas or flea dirt if you part her fur and look closely at her skin. If she has light-colored fur, you may even see the fleas crawling on the surface of her hair as well.

Fleas are a highly preventable problem. You simply need to get your dog started on flea medication. In severe cases, she may need treatment from the vet in Cooper City to get over the initial infestation, and then follow-up flea treatments monthly after that.

Mange is another issue that can cause your dog to keep licking their paw. Your vet will need to help you treat this problem.

Behavior Problem

Some dogs lick and chew their paw because they’re bored. If you think your dog may be bored, take steps to interact with her more and get her plenty of exercise. Make sure she has things to do (such as safe toys to play with or treat puzzles to solve) while no one is at home, and spend quality time with her every day.

Other dogs keep licking their paw due to separation anxiety. If this is a problem for your dog, you may need to talk to your vet in Cooper City about treatments. Some vets prefer holistic or natural treatments, while others may recommend anti-depressant medication similar to what humans might take. Your vet will likely want you to start with a less intrusive treatment and go from there, such as dog-safe herbal remedies, thunder shirts, and so on.

Your vet will probably want to rule out all other problems before diagnosing your dog with a behavior problem causing her chewing, unless you can see other clear signs of anxiety or boredom in your pet.

Hot Spots

Finally, hot spots may be a result of your dog licking their paw as well. Hot spots are bacterial or fungal infections on your dog’s feet or legs. Moisture makes them worse, so when your dog licks her paw, she’s actually contributing significantly to the problem.

Your vet in Cooper City can give you some medication for your dog to help ease the hot spots. You can also find over-the-counter medication and treatments such as hot spot soothing shampoo. In severe cases, your dog may need to wear a cone collar for a while to prevent her from licking her paw until the hot spots heal.

What to Do if Your Dog Keeps Licking Their Paw in Cooper City, FL

These problems tend to contribute to the majority of dogs’ paw-licking behaviors. However, they may not cover all the possibilities. As with any problems with your dog, it’s important to talk to your vet in Cooper City to discus any questions or concerns.

At Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital, our veterinarians work to pinpoint what the underlying issue might be that’s causing your dog to keep licking their paw and suggest any tests or treatments to try from there. Whether the situation calls for a treatment for dog allergies or helping with a different problem, our expert veterinary team will help get rid of the cause for your dog’s constant paw licking. Schedule an appointment with our team today or call us at (954) 432-5811 so our team can get your pet the help they need.

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