Common Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean in Cooper City, FL

Common Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean in Cooper City, FL

Common Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean in Cooper City, FL

Have you ever wondered what your cat’s sleeping position means? If so, you’re not the only one. Cats are sleepy creatures and many owners question how their cuddly pet can sleep in such strange ways. The position that your cat is sleeping in can tell you about their feelings and state of mind.

After reading this article, you will be able to better understand the cat sleeping positions and the meaning behind them in Cooper City, FL.


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The Most Common Cat Sleeping Position Meanings

Cats sleep in all kinds of unique positions and each one can tell us a lot about their mental state. Whether your cat is napping with it’s belly up, or curled into a ball, they fell asleep that way for a reason.

Listed below are the main cat sleeping positions and meanings: 

The Loaf Position

The very common and well-known loaf of bread position has been a prevalent feature on social media. This cat sleep position is when a cat is lying on its stomach with its paws tucked underneath it. Many cats will keep their head up in this position even if their eyes are closed. Most of the time, cats will choose to rest like this when they only plan to rest for a short time or not go entirely to sleep. This allows cats to get up quickly if they need to or want to on a whim. If a cat falls asleep in the loaf position and doesn’t plan on getting up soon, they will switch to a different position when they want to fully go to sleep. This is more of a position for a short rest or catnap.

The Belly-up Position

The belly-up position is one of the best cat sleeping positions for its meaning: trust. A cat’s most weak area is its stomach. Cats will protect their stomachs at all costs because a predator could hurt them when their stomach is exposed. If your cat sleeps in a position where their belly is revealed as they sleep on their back, you can know your cat trusts you entirely and feels safe. Cats will never sleep on their backs in the belly-up position when they feel any threats at all.

The Curled-up Position

This cat sleeping position is the most common among all cats of any situation. The curled-up position is where most cats, both big and small, choose to sleep in the wild or outside. In this position, cats are curled into a kind of circle with their head tucked into their body and their tail curled around them too. Cats use this position to get the most out of their body heat and stay as warm as possible. For cats going to sleep for a while, this is usually the most automatic position to fall into from survival instincts and be a bit warmer. Unless the temperature is already very high, all cats will choose to sleep in the warmest place that they can. This is why so many cats like to take naps in the sun.

Half Closed Eyes 

Cats have a fascinating habit that you might not be aware of. They can be simultaneously conscious and asleep. This habit gives cats the ability to rest while also sensing dangers and threats that may come upon them while they sleep. Cats don’t always sleep this way, but when cats sleep with their eyes half-open or one eye open and one eye closed, this is why they do this. Usually, cats choose to do this when they think there may be a threat while they sleep. It’s common for cats to do this for a while in a new environment or if someone new has been introduced recently. Cats may even do this because of having visitors over.

Paws Over Face While Sleeping

Quite often, when a cat has been sleeping for a while, it may move positions and cover its face with its paws. This is usually a sign that a cat is sleeping very soundly and deeply. Cats in this position do not want to be disturbed or woken up. The paws over the face block out any light and tell those around them that they are sleeping hard. Most cats do not do this consciously or intentionally, so it doesn’t always mean the light is bothering them.

Why Do Cats Fall Asleep On You?

Many cats will choose to sleep on their owners directly. Cats will usually choose to sleep on your chest, stomach, or legs. They suspect you will move these areas less and they won’t be as easily disturbed. The reason cats choose to sleep on their owners is very simple, they love and trust them. When a cat sleeps on you, they are choosing to be as close to you as they can be while they sleep, which means that you will take care of them while they are sleeping.

Cat Sleeping Positions Tell Us How They Truly Feel

There are many cat sleeping positions, and most of them have very different meanings behind them. Certain positions tell us that there is trust and some let us know that they don’t feel safe. Sometimes cats may cuddle up a certain way because they want to feel warmth and love. By observing and taking note of the way your cat sleeps, you can have a better understanding of their feelings.

If you have any additional questions about the way your cat is sleeping, contact our team at Embassy Lakes Animal Hospital in Cooper City, FL. Your pet’s well-being is very important to us and healthy sleep patterns is a big part of that. Give us a call at (954) 432-5811 or book an appointment online. We are always happy to help!

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